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Human Resources

Alyan Food maintains its perfectionist understanding adopted in brand identity and production policies in the human resources department as well.

Focusing on collective success with the individual contributions of each of its employees, Alyan Food attaches importance to the development of its employees in line with this understanding. Believing in collective growth; it supports continuous development with both professional and internal communication-oriented seminars and trainings so that employees can be more productive together and feel that they are a very important part of the big Alyan Food family. The company acts with the aim of creating a workplace in which each employee is proud and happy, regardless of their positions.

Beginning from the recruitment process, the firm follows a fair and transparent human resources policy. In Alyan Food, where employees are given the opportunity to reveal their potential, everyone has the right to speak. Every single employee who adds value to the brand sees value. In order to contribute to the future of Alyan Food, a strong and effective leadership is being effectuated in order to increase performance as a team as well as individually. A successful and productive workforce is ensured by the adoption of Alyan Food’s brand identity, values, principles and corporate culture by each employee. A healthy, democratic and harmonious working environment is created with the awareness that the happier the employees are, the more they contribute to the brand.

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In accordance with the global human resources understanding of the developing world, discovery and development of new talents are considered as important as the amelioration of existing staff. The firm provides a harmonious work environment where employees are happy and new talents are willing to be part of it. The company, which accepts each of its employees as its primary and most valuable business partner, responds rapidly to their needs by constantly listening to their demands.

The Objective of Our Human Resources Policy

Having adopted a merit-based recruitment process, the brand rewards performance after recruitment. While applying fully transparent and fair recruitment and promotion processes, the company uses modern evaluation and measurement techniques.

Recruitment takes place as a result of detailed examinations among candidates who will adopt Alyan Gıda’s company values ​​and goals. It aims to select the most suitable candidates for the right positions.For the evaluation of both blue-collar and white-collar employees, the performance plays primary role. Alyan Gıda works on maintaining and rewarding its employees who add value to the company.

Alyan Food respects employee rights; it has a management policy based on equal relations in an efficient and healthy working environment.

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