Compound Chocolate ürünler kapak görseli

Heyyos are the most adorable family in space!

Compound Chocolate Coconut

Heyyo Family is now on Earth

Dear children, while tasting delicious Heyyo cakes and chocolates, thanks to our cute friends, become a candidate to become an astronaut chasing the future with the games we have designed about the Solar system, little-known interesting space facts, newly discovered planets, space fairy tales and even space travel! Have fun with the flavors from space and get full of the highest quality chocolate. Celebrate happiness with our chocolate products designed for you in our fascinating space adventure. Our delicious chocolate will pamper your palates with our innovative products that will create a little happiness in sweet moments.
Enjoy the taste of both fruit and chocolate with Heyyo cakes.
Heyyo products are waiting for you with their fun flavors.
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